Breadcrumbs Drying in Vibrating Fluid Bed
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Vibrating Fluid Bed Dryers For The Perfect Breadcrumb

Breadcrumbs Drying in Vibrating Fluid Bed

Breadcrumbs tend to be an overlooked and undervalued food product, but they are used extensively in food production to add bulk, flavor, and a crispy, crunchy covering for many foods which is why breadcrumb drying and toasting is such an important process. The average American eats fifty-three pounds of bread each year, with much of that coming from the breadcrumbs used in so much food. The prepackaged breadcrumb industry has seen steady growth throughout the world in both consumer and commercial markets because of the versatility and usefulness of the breadcrumbs.

The best, most efficient way to toast breadcrumbs to a uniform level throughout is to run the untoasted crumbs through a vibrating fluid bed dryer. If the bread was toasted before being ground you would end up with crumbs that are not toasted uniformly. The outside of the bread would be more toasted, but the inside would still contain moisture and would not be as crispy, creating a product that cannot be used easily. 

Sending the untoasted crumbs through the vibrating fluid bed dryer eliminates this issue and ensures that the final product will be evenly toasted and at the same desired moisture level. The fluid bed blows hot air up through a perforated deck onto the layer of breadcrumbs, creating an effect much like quicksand where the solid particles behave like a liquid.  The added vibrations help this fluidizing become more effective while also moving the product through the dryer and reducing the amount of air and heat required.   

Since the particles are being surrounded by the hot air on all sides while fluidized they are able to reach a uniform level of toast, unlike other breadcrumb drying methods that only toast one side of a static pile of crumbs. Carrier’s extensive drying expertise means we can engineer the vibrating fluid bed to maintain precise temperature control down the entire length of the dryer. 

Carrier Vibrating Equipment has over 65 years of experience custom building these breadcrumb dryers for customers all over the world and can engineer the equipment to fit the customer’s exact product needs. The vibrating fluid bed dryers can be simple with a single zone of drying or be multi-zoned to include double toasting or cooling to prevent condensation before packaging. The dryers can be made out of a range of materials including food-grade stainless steel, can incorporate clean in place outlets, and include a fire suppression system to ensure your plant stays safe.

Want to bring the best bread crumb dryer on the market into your production process?  Contact Carrier today to learn about how we can help.

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