Carrier Vibrating deck patterns screens for processing drying cooling screening dewatering
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Custom Deck Patterns For Custom Requirements

Carrier Vibrating deck patterns screens for processing drying cooling screening dewatering

Each of our customers has a unique issue they need to solve when they come to Carrier Vibrating Equipment. Luckily for them, we custom engineer and build every single piece of equipment for our customers. We use our state of the art testing facility to test our equipment until we are able to guarantee that it will work just right for our customers.  

Within our custom equipment, there is one area that is especially important to customize and get perfect for each customer’s requirements- the deck patterns. What the deck needs to be able to do depends on the needs of the material, but Carrier stocks over 100 different types of deck patterns just to make sure we can find a fit. Additionally, we are capable of designing and making our own new designs for specific applications.


In our vibrating fluid beds and static fluid beds, the deck design is essential in making sure the fluidizing airflow is at the right velocity and pressure. The holes need to be large enough to let air flow through with enough pressure to fluidize and heat or cool the material, but small enough to not let the product fall through into the bottom of the equipment.  

Different materials will have specific requirements as well, so the shape of the holes in the perforated deck may need to be in special shapes or configurations, and care must be taken to avoid any dead spots.

In a static or conventional fluid bed, the holes in the deck patterns are typically angled or shaped to create a directional airflow, which is what helps to not only fluidize the material but also move it along the bed.

Screening & Dewatering

Carrier’s vibrating screeners can incorporate up to five different decks on a single unit, with each screen unique to what is being screened. The screens are chosen based on whether the material is dry or wet, and what size and shape it is. The shape and design of the screen can be engineered and tested to make sure the screening process works as needed for each customer.  

Dewatering screeners can use a specially designed wedge wire deck to remove liquids from the material while also including the ability to sort and feed the dry material. If you need custom equipment for your drying, cooling, screening, or dewatering requirements, contact a Carrier Vibrating Equipment engineer today to find out how we can find the perfect deck patterns and help your process.  

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