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Vibrating Bin Dischargers

Carrier vibrating bin dischargers provide an efficient means for discharging dry materials from storage bins on a first-in, first-out basis with positive, continuous flow.

The primary function of a vibrating bin discharger is to cause material to flow. It is not a metering device, though often a feeder can accomplish metering. Carrier’s vibrating bin dischargers are proven reliable, with a quiet design and durable construction that is ready for any application.

Features and benefits of Carrier vibrating bin dischargers:

  • Standard vibrating bin dischargers range from 2 foot through 15 foot diameter.
  • Forged steel isolation hanger arms with rubber bushings for support from above.
  • Mounting adapter ring either welded to bin or bolted to a flange.
  • Molded neoprene “Super Seal” inlet sock.
  • Internal 20 degree pressure cone to transmit energy necessary for material flow.
  • 45 degree outer cone constructed of carbon steel.
  • Cycle timer for a multitude of cycle ranges from a few seconds to hours.
  • Simple, quiet belt drive with standard foot-mounted motor.
  • Bin dischargers ship completely assembled and ready to install.
  • Discharge directly into a truck or rail car.
  • Bin discharger options include liners, virtually any outlet configuration, stainless steel construction, and more.
  • Carrier can assist in the selection of feeding equipment below the discharge outlet. Our vibrating feeders are specifically designed for use with bin dischargers.

For more information on Carrier vibrating bin dischargers, refer to brochure #110.

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