indirect thermal processing with spiral elevator
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Carrier Vibrating – Spiral Elevators: Unlimited Capabilities

indirect thermal processing with spiral elevator

Spiral elevators, also known as vibrating spiral elevators, are machines that use vibratory force to transport materials such as bulk solids upward or downward.

These elevators are designed with a helical trough for circular upward motion around a center tube. Material enters through a base spout and discharges at a higher level. Suspended by cables, the platform is driven by unbalanced motors.

Spiral elevators can process a wide range of materials. They are ideal for facilities with limited floor space. Besides helping move materials, they can be built to provide treatment such as heating, drying, and cooling, eliminating the need for separate dryers and coolers.

Industries Where Spiral Elevators Can Be Used

These machines serve several industries where the material needs to be moved vertically. Some of those industries are

  • Plastic and Chemicals
  • Rubber Processing
  • Food Processing
  • Coal and Mining
  • Litter
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Agriculture
  • Foundry

Benefits of Spiral Elevators

Compared with other types of elevators, spiral elevators come with significant benefits.

Minimal Space Footprint and Easy Installation

Horizontal conveyor belts and vibrating conveyors require large space, while the compact design of spiral elevators allows them to process materials with a small space and energy footprint. They are also easy to install and can be customized for complex floor layouts.

Handles a Wide Range of Materials

Spiral elevators can process a wider range of materials than other elevators. For instance, bucket elevators can only accommodate materials that fit the bucket size.

Maintains Material Integrity

The smooth, harmonic vibratory motion of spiral elevators gently elevates the products. They prevent product damage or degradation caused by jams forming in belt conveyors due to spillage.

Allows Multiple Processes

Thanks to long dwell durations, spiral elevators let you accomplish multiple processes such as heating, cooling, drying, dewatering, and quenching during elevation. The processing needs can be met by using forced air or jacketed flights.

Continuous Operation with Low-Maintenance

The constant motion of materials prevents clumping or uneven cooling/drying, often in conveyor belts. You can also be sure that there will be no material spillage or jammed parts, enabling low maintenance and minimal downtime.

Food Safety

Spiral elevators are easier to clean than others and can be enclosed to prevent contamination. Rest assured about food safety since most manufacturers comply with USDA 3A standards for clean-up.

Reasons You Might Need a Spiral Elevator

Here are a few reasons why your search for a new conveyor might end with a multi-functional spiral elevator: 

  • You plan to add a new conveying process to your facility with limited floor space. Spiral elevators are great space savers.
  • You work with fragile products. Spiral elevators move products without any pressure so there is no damage.
  • You need several processes within a single piece of equipment. Spiral elevators are ideal for performing different processes with long retention times.
  • You need an elevator that prevents contamination. Spiral elevators can be made with high-quality steel that is easy to clean.

Elevate Your Business With Carrier Spiral Elevators

Spiral elevators can prove to be a game-changer in your processing industry. With a minimal footprint, Carrier spiral elevators can accomplish several processes accurately while saving your hard-earned money. 

Built for easy clean-up, Carrier spiral elevators come in custom sizes, up to 11 feet wide and 60 feet tall. The flights are made with high-grade stainless steel or metal alloys. They are coated with Teflon or plasma to handle sticky materials and temperatures as high as 1500 deg. F.

Contact us today to enhance your elevating processes and experience our 5-decade-long expertise in the vibrating equipment industry.

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