Barrel horse shakeout machine
Carrier Vibrating

Barrel Horse™ Shakeouts

The Carrier Barrel Horse™ shakeout machine is a proven one-step solution to casting damage and sand mix problems.

Unlike conventional rotary shakeouts, which lift and drop castings, the Barrel Horse shakeout action allows castings to swim in the sand bed, constantly blending via vibratory motion.

Through this agitation and mixing method, sand lumps are reduced for a homogeneous return sand.

Features and benefits of Carrier Barrel Horse Shakeout machines:

  • Moves sluggish materials, incline or horizontal with no overflow.
  • Gently cleans castings.
  • Provides excellent heat transfer for a cooler casting.
  • Thorough separation of castings from sand with superior lump reduction.
  • Protects casting quality.
  • Isolated dynamic forces and minimizes support requirements.
  • Optional water addition system and gas-fired burner.
  • Positive conveying action.
  • Three-dimensional elliptical motion.
  • Gentle vibration.
  • Dynamic isolation system.
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