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Bulk Material Heat Exchanger

Indirect Bulk Flow Heating, Cooling & Conditioning Technology

Carrier’s most recent development in the processing industry is the Bulk Flow Heating / Cooling Exchanger, or BMHX. This equipment utilizes a gravity-fed design to flow material between thermal plates, cooling,  heating, or drying the material as it works its way from top to bottom.

Indirect Cooling & Heating

The product is cooled or heated when it moves across plates with water or other heat transfer fluids flowing internally through them. The product touching these plates cools by conduction, and since there is no direct contact between material and thermal fluid, there is no risk of contamination or need for dust collection or scrubbers.

Low Emissions

Since moving air is not used in the cooling or heating process, there is no issue with emissions or dust, making it perfect for locations or materials with strict emission regulations.

High Material Quality

The material moves slowly in a plug flow through the heat exchanger, reducing product degradation and preventing equipment abrasion. The closed environment in the bulk material heat exchanger means it can be operated consistently through different external conditions.

Small Footprint

Designed to move the product vertically, the BMHX has a smaller footprint than other cooling and heating technologies. This allows it to fit into existing plants with minimal retrofitting, making it flexible to current operational requirements.

Carrier BMHXLow Operating Cost

Operating without moving parts and few ancillary components means the Carrier BMHX is low maintenance and easy to keep operating efficiently. The equipment is designed for easy cleaning and part replacement, reducing downtime and expenses.

Energy Efficient

The Carrier BMHX uses gravity to move the processed material and does not rely on large amounts of process air. Instead, the equipment uses passive temperature change through conduction, resulting in minimal energy use compared to other methods.

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