Carrier Vibrating

VibroCool and VibroHeat

Carrier VibroCool and VibroHeat are designed to cool or heat material indirectly using a liquid cooling or heating media.

Liquid is circulated through tubes immersed in a vibratory bed of product. The unique design allows for thermal exchange without passing air through the product, thereby eliminating the need for fans, ductwork, or dust collection equipment.

VibroCool and VibroHeat are well suited to process:

  • salt
  • carbon
  • sand
  • a wide variety of fine materials

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VibraCool full unit

VibraCool Cooler on a 9-ft. Tall Support Structure

Features and benefits of Carrier VibroCool and VibroHeat:

  • Reinforced and stiffened tubular shell for high strength.
  • Seamless heat transfer tubes with flexible hose connections.
  • Dimpled water jacket for increased thermal exchange surface area.
  • Heavy duty direct drive for smooth, consistent operation.
  • Drive not susceptible to upset conditions.
  • Heavy duty springs for an isolated design.
  • Low dynamic reactions; minimizing foundation requirements.
  • Simple design for long life.
  • Few moving parts, minimum maintenance.
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