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The world is made up of chemicals and life as we know it would not exist without chemicals, chemical reactions, and chemical processing.  Since many chemicals do react when they come into contact with specific materials, processing and chemical drying must be done carefully and under the perfect conditions.  

Carrier Vibrating has experience designing and manufacturing processing and drying equipment for the chemical industry, with each piece of machinery custom engineered for the specific chemical and its requirements.

Vibrating fluid bed dryers are the perfect solution for drying temperature-sensitive chemicals where the product is continually mixed to dry evenly.  Cooling zones help the product come to a safe temperature while also continuing to dry due to evaporative cooling.

Spiral elevators are ideal for transporting chemicals in a small footprint without concern for spilling or clumping.  They can be outfitted to dry or cool while conveying, and can be designed with a shroud if process gas is needed or contamination needs to be avoided.

Conveyors, screeners, and feeders are an efficient way to move and process chemical material without concern for harming fragile materials or build up issues that other conveying methods create.  They can be built up to 400 feet in length, and can be designed for high temperature materials, or have non-stick coatings and clean-in-place systems built in.

Tornesh dryers are able to process wet solids and slurries in size from 1 micron to a half inch in diameter.  The tornesh uses a spinning tornado of heated air to dry and elevate the material, with the swirling motion increasing residence time.  

Flash dryers use a higher gas temperature with a short retention time to dry material quickly while also transporting the product.  This ensures that moisture is removed in the constant-rate drying zone, and high capacities can be dried in a short time and a small space. Cage mills can be added to help break up clumps or de-agglomerate material.

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