Tornesh Industrial Flash Dryer Tornado
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Combining The Power Of A Tornado With Industrial Flash Dryers

Tornesh Industrial Flash Dryer Tornado

When a bulk powder material needs to be instantly dried there are a wide range of industrial flash dryer options, but only one of them harnesses the power of a tornado- the Carrier Tornesh dryer. The name Tornesh is derived from a combination of “tornado” and “flash” because of the way the flash dryer works like a small tornado to dry material.

Designed as a low-cost, energy-efficient way to dry fine powders and sticky or sluggish materials, the Tornesh dryer provides all the benefits of a direct dryer without taking up a large footprint and has no moving parts and fewer components to maintain, while being self-cleaning and Carrier engineers completely custom engineer and build each dryer based on a customer’s drying requirements.  

This industrial flash dryer works to create a tornado airflow by using a bottom air plenum to create an updraft, and a side plenum to direct the airflow into a spiral, resulting in an airflow that spirals up along the sides.  The air is heated to the required temperature, and wet material is added at the bottom where it enters the airstream. As it dries, the material rises along the sides and enters the needed residence chambers until it finally exits at the top, where it is collected.  

The high speed prevents material from adhering to the sidewalls, and the retention time can be adjusted from a few seconds to several minutes depending on the product. The walls of the acceleration and expansion residence chambers can be jacketed to include hot water, steam, or hot oil to further process the material, and cold water can be used to prevent materials from reaching their melting point while in the airstream.  

Wet solids ranging in size from 1 micron to half an inch in diameter can be used on a Tornesh dryer, and is commonly used in food, dairy, pharmaceutical, grains, chemicals, and mineral industries.  

Have material that needs the tornado power of a Tornesh Industrial Flash Dryer? Contact a Carrier Vibrating Equipment representative now to find out how we can help your processing line.  

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