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replacement springs

Carrier Vibrating Equipment provides a variety of service and support options.

We work hard to ensure your experience with our equipment is the best it can be, and are dedicated to complete customer satisfaction throughout the design, development, delivery and after sale stages. Many customers choose one of our onsite service plans for equipment maintenance, though our I&O manuals also provide helpful insight.

Onsite Service Plans

Realizing that Carrier is a supplier of specialized equipment, and that we have the best knowledge of how to maintain the equipment, we offer the following programs:

Preventive Maintenance Seminar

  • The Preventive Maintenance Seminar educates plant personnel in identifying possible trouble areas so the condition will not deteriorate to the point where a failure is likely to occur.
  • A Carrier service technician will conduct a one or two day, eight-hour seminar on site for a nominal fee. Fee is inclusive of travel and living expenses and covers operator manuals and handouts.
  • The program addresses proper techniques for drive installation, drive timing, use of fasteners, etc. Please contact our Service Manager for scheduling and fees.
  • Please contact our Service Manager at for scheduling and fees.

Service Agreement Program

  • The Service Agreement Program offers service support on a prescheduled basis, thereby realizing a lower out-of-pocket expense vs. same-day or next-day service.
  • The objective of the program is to assure equipment is working at maximum efficiency over long periods of time and eliminate costly repairs and downtime.
  • Under the basic plan, a Carrier service technician would visit your facility four times a year. The visits would be tailored specifically to preventive maintenance, with each piece of Carrier equipment visually inspected and recorded for stroke, frequency, and RPM. Measurements are benchmarked for future comparison.
  • A formal service report is submitted within ten working days outlining operating conditions and recommendations as required.

Installation & Operation Manuals

New Equipment Manuals

  • Two Installation & Operational Manuals are provided on a single CD with each new equipment purchase. Paper manuals may be provided upon request.
  • Manuals are well-written, organized, and include customer drawings and recommended spare parts lists, with manufacturer’s names and part numbers for non-proprietary parts only.
  • Manuals are mailed two weeks prior to equipment shipment to aid operators during initial startup. Additional manuals are available for a minimal charge.

Previously Owned Equipment Manuals

  • An Installation & Operational Manual can be compiled for previously-owned equipment for a minimal charge.
  • The Carrier serial number, located near the drive shaft, will be required in order to duplicate a manual for more complex systems, such as a dryer or cooler.
  • Email requests to our After Market Department at

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