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Processing Solutions for Biomass, Paper, and Wood

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As gas prices go north and green energy sources become more accessible, the biomass industry is booming. The production of biofuels in the US is estimated to reach 5.54 quadrillion British thermal units by 2050.

If you are looking for efficient and eco-friendly processing solutions, Carrier Vibrating Equipment specializes in manufacturing high-quality equipment for biomass processing. With our equipment, you can efficiently convert your biomass feedstocks into fuel and energy.

Let’s explore Carrier’s equipment range and how to utilize them for maximum profitability and sustainability.

Fluid Bed Dryers

Carrier’s fluid bed dryers provide efficient and gentle drying of biomass feedstocks. The heated air fluidizes the solids and ensures uniform drying. The tangential vibration helps in mixing and conveying the material.

Complement your dryer with the Iso-Max™ dynamic reaction reducer or the patented Delta-Phase® drive for hassle-free maintenance. Other optional fittings include customized decks, access doors, and custom controls.

Key Benefits: 

  • Optimized fluidizing velocity and vibration for higher efficiency using a small footprint
  • Plug flow for consistent material output
  • Zoning for different processes occurring simultaneously

Bulk Material Heat Exchanger

Carrier’s latest breakthrough, Bulk Material Heat Exchangers (BMHX), is ideal for indirect heating and cooling bulk solids. They employ gravity to move materials between thermal plates, making them suitable for temperature-sensitive materials requiring a long residence time.

Key Benefits: 

  • Flow Rate – A uniform flow discharge feeder provides a customized flow rate and residence time.
  • Low Emissions – The BMHX meets emission standards for sensitive materials since no moving air is involved.
  • Small Footprint – The vertical movement of material means a compact footprint with minimal retrofitting.
  • Low Cost and Energy Efficiency – The lack of moving parts leads to low maintenance costs, while material transport through gravity reduces energy usage.

Vibrating Spiral Elevators

Carrier’s vibrating spiral elevators are perfect for elevating materials within a compact footprint. They can also serve for drying, cooling, heating, or conditioning various pellets and biomass feedstocks.

With optional customizations such as heat exchange, jacketed flights, and special construction materials, you can be sure of maximum cost-effectiveness.

Key Benefits: 

  • Elimination of over-stroke with direct drive motor
  • Processing with minimal space footprint and reduced power usage
  • Prevention of product damage due to gentle elevation
  • Multiple processes with jacketed flights
  • Food safety with enclosed operation and USDA 3A cleaning standards

Vibrating Feeders

Carrier’s vibrating feeders offer efficient and economical metering of biomass feedstocks with a controlled feed rate. They can withstand heavy dumping loads and include scalpers/screeners to stop unsuitable material from going downstream.

The feeders have optional fittings such as removable dust-tight covers, various discharge designs, and different isolation arrangements.

Key Benefits: 

  • Efficient conveying using a direct drive system
  • Reliable functioning with natural frequency drive system
  • Fixed or custom feed rates
  • Handling of heavy headloads using large-volume feeders

Vibrating Conveyors

Carrier’s vibrating conveyors are excellent for transporting materials like raw wood and biomass feedstocks with controlled, gentle vibration. They can also perform additional processing tasks such as dewatering, screening, separating, and drying.

Key Benefits: 

  • Reduced maintenance because of few moving parts
  • Prevention of wastage with leak-proof, monolithic troughs
  • Long life with natural frequency design
  • Food safety and easy clean-up with USDA 3A-compliant designs

CPEG Lab Testing

Along with offering the finest industrial equipment, we are committed to quality and innovation with our state-of-the-art CPEG test lab.

With a thorough replication of scaled operations, you can ensure efficient processing backed by a complete analysis of materials for your specific application.

We also offer a process warranty for equipment based on the lab data, reflecting our confidence in its quality and accuracy.

Key Benefits: 

  • Research and assessment of new designs
  • Small-scale simulations with multistep, multistage testing
  • Confidentiality agreements for data secrecy
  • On-site visits and test records

Efficient Biomass Processing With Carrier

With reduced energy usage, efficient processing, low maintenance, and long operational life, you can count on Carrier’s biomass processing equipment’s high quality and eco-friendliness.

Contact us today to find the perfect equipment for your biomass processing needs.

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