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Sand & Aggregates

Essential Equipment for Sand & Aggregate Processing and Handling

Sand and Aggregate drying

Sand is one of the most important materials for our modern world, with an estimated 15 billion tons mined and used each year. Sand can’t just be used right out of the ground though; it needs to be cleaned, screened, processed, and dried. That’s why using high-quality sand processing equipment is essential. 

Sand and aggregates create unique issues when conveying, drying, and processing because of how rough and abrasive they can be while also having small particles but a high weight and density.  

Vibrating Sand Conveyor

Vibrating Conveyors

Medium-duty and heavy-duty vibrating conveyors can transfer heavy loads without the clogging issues of conveyor belts and can handle upset conditions.  

Sand Aggregate Screener


Screeners designed specifically for the sand and aggregate industries utilize screener bars to prevent clogging issues and replaceable wear liners to prevent permanent damage to the machine from use with abrasive materials.  

Sand Aggregate Feeder


Feeders are perfect for handling unloads and transfers of bulk materials and can withstand the force of unloading heavy material while continuing to operate and disperse material.

Fluid Bed for Sand and Aggregate

Fluid Bed Dryers

Fluid bed dryers are used to provide dry sand and aggregates and can be engineered and built for anything from fine sand to pebbles and rocks. The vibrations assist the fluidization of the material, ensuring it is evenly dried and moves in a plug flow without clogging and that clumps are broken.

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