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The VibraTrac portable stroke monitor and smartphone app easily monitors stroke, speed and angle on your industrial vibratory equipment

The VibraTrac is a stroke, speed, and angle monitor for industrial vibratory equipment. With a wireless Bluetooth® sensor, the VibraTrac can be paired with our smartphone app to provide cutting edge monitoring and data tracking in seconds. VibraTrac has the ability to record, store and transmit data for multiple machines making routine maintenance checks and troubleshooting quick and easy.

New 2021 Price: $475

VibraTrac Features:

  • Accurately measure speed, stroke, and vibration angle.
  • Portable and light weight – less than 3″ long and weighs less than 40 grams.
  • Fits easily in your pocket.
  • Long battery life with low energy, Bluetooth Smart wireless sensor.
  • Pairs with your Bluetooth enabled smartphone or tablet device.
  • Multiple mobile devices can be paired with a single VibraTrac.

Coming Soon:

  • Configure equipment with pass / no pass criteria.
  • Store readings and user comments by machine.
  • Display equipment history on screen for quick reference.
  • Export data via email for maintenance logs or email directly to an individual or group.

How VibraTrac Works — Intuitive by Design

Carrier Vibrating Equipment is proud to offer the VibraTrac – the easiest and simplest way to ensure optimal vibrating equipment performance. We’ve eliminated the need to deal with hard to read stroke plates and strobes to analyze the operation of your vibratory equipment.

  1. Shake the sensor to turn “on”.
  2. Place the magnetic sensor on your vibratory equipment.
  3. Open the app on your compatible mobile device.
  4. A connection screen will immediately launch, displaying the serial number of your sensor. Tap the serial number and you will automatically be connected via Bluetooth. (There is no need to sync this device like traditional Bluetooth connections.)
  5. The measurements screen will appear. Touch the “Tap to Measure” icon.
  6. The app will retrieve data from the sensor and display it on the screen, with both English and Metric measurement options.

Minimum System Requirements:
Apple: iPhone/iPad 4s with iOS 8.0 and up. Get for iPhone/iPad
Android: API 18 (v 4.3) and up. Get for Android

VibraTrac 4 – a Permanent Solution

When a more permanent vibration monitoring system is needed, the VibraTrac 4 can be factory attached to new equipment or attached in the field to current machinery for a custom price.

Real Time Monitoring

The VibraTrac 4 uses hardwired sensors allowing for real time measurement of speed, stroke, and angle and can be controlled with a touchscreen interface from any distance away.  Now you can change the vibration and stroke settings on your Carrier equipment and are able to immediately check that it is running at correct specifications with the VibraTrac 4, all without having to leave your control center.

Sudden Upset Alarms

The vibration speed, stroke, and angle are critical indicators of the current performance of vibrating equipment.  When vibrating equipment is operating correctly, these do not change on their own.  A random change in one of these indicators is a sure sign that a component, such as a bushing or spring, has failed or that an upset condition, such as product surges or sticking, has occurred.  The VibraTrac 4 lets the user set custom parameters for alarms, letting you know if there is a sudden issue with the equipment.  

If the issue that causes this vibration change is not found and corrected, then more frequent failures and possibly severe structural damage can occur. The VibraTrac 4 allows the user to continuously monitor vibrating equipment and be alerted to problems before they lead to failure and unplanned downtime.

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