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Conventional Fluid Bed Dryers

Carrier conventional fluid bed dryers are designed to dry and/or cool a variety of products without the aid of vibration.

Our static fluid bed dryer systems pass a gas directly through a bed of solid material via a perforated plate, nozzles, or other fluidizing media which lifts and mixes the solids. At a certain gas velocity (the fluidization velocity), the bed will behave much like a boiling liquid.

Conventional fluid bed dryers are well suited for:

  • Static fluid beds dryers can be multi-functional, providing drying, cooling, classifying, sterilizing and more in a single unit.
  • Continuous operation or batch.
  • Efficient processing without product degradation — Carrier fluid bed dryers provide gentle fluidizing action.

Features and benefits of Carrier conventional fluid bed dryers:

  • Product is continually mixed to promote uniformity.
  • Our fluid bed dryers are easily adaptable to batch or continuous processing.
  • Indirect heat transfer tubes or plates can be immersed in the bed, significantly reducing the size and cost of the fluid bed dryer and increasing energy efficiency.
  • Efficient static fluid bed dryer design transfers heat with low energy consumption.
  • Vibration can be used to aid in processing more difficult products.
  • Sampling ports.
  • Variation in process by controlling bed depth, retention time, and product temperature.
  • Sanitary, U.S.D.A (3A) approved construction.
  • Proven performance, our conventional fluid bed dryers offer easy cleaning, rugged construction, are dust tight, and are low maintenance.

For more information on Conventional Fluid Bed Processors, refer to CVE-SFB-0422.

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