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Mining The Power Of A Bear Claw In A Heavy Duty Grizzly Feeder

Vibrating Grizzly Feeder

Mining is a tough business, which is why the equipment needs to be tough too. Day after day the robust machinery used in mining needs to be able to withstand tons of heavy and jagged rocks without slowing or breaking. Carrier Vibrating Equipment’s Grizzly Feeder is known as the top of the line when it comes to reliable conveying, feeding, and screening mined materials.

A vibrating grizzly feeder is made up of a reinforced pan section, with a specialized liner, and one or more sections of grizzly bars after that. The grizzly bars are made of reinforced or hardened steel and have a narrowing shape along each bar, giving the section the appearance of a set of bear claws. This design allows for screening of different sized materials while also eliminates any issues with blockages from mined material becoming stuck in the slots. The vibrations would force the stuck material down the slot until it opened up enough to free the material and send it along the path, making the machine self cleaning.

The grizzly feeder is often positioned before a crusher or some other processing equipment, and serves to remove fines and smaller pieces from entering the crusher. The material is dumped into the grizzly from a dump hopper fed by trucks or loaders, which means it must be able to withstand heavy loads and absorb the shock of the dumped material, while continuing to provide a steady feed rate and remove the fines and smaller materials before they reach the crusher. If multiple sizes of fines are needed to be removed, different sections of the grizzly feeder can be used, each with different sized gaps between the bars to allow different sized materials to drop through in each section.

These specialized and rugged vibrating grizzly feeders are used in the limestone, bauxite, coal, and other mineral mining or aggregate operations. Carrier vibrating grizzly feeders have also been used successfully in foundries to transport and screen metal castings.

Contact us today If your mining operation needs reliable heavy duty equipment to increase efficiency and quality of the process. As well as the vibrating grizzly feeders, we also manufacture mining specific fluid bed dryers and coolers to provide finished dry products and other heavy duty conveyors to move product.  

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