Carrier Vibrating Quenching Conveyor
Carrier Vibrating

Quenching Conveyors

Carrier quenching conveyor equipment continuously processes glass, safely and reliably, with integrated water pools for easy handling.

Transporting quenched, fractured glass from a basement to a furnace used to be an intensive and hazardous job – Carrier’s smart quenching conveying equipment solves many of these challenges with a specialized spring and rocker arm design.

Features and benefits of Carrier quenching conveyor equipment:

  • Quenches and solidifies glass cullet.
  • Water pools are incorporated into the quenching conveyor to receive molten glass gobs, quench, cool, and thermo-fracture for ease of handling and reuse of materials.
  • Special rubber spring and aluminum rocker arm assembly designed for quenching applications where coil and leaf springs fail.
  • Dewatering ramps separate glass cullet and fines from water bath.
  • Vertical dividers allow different materials to be handled simultaneously without cross-contamination.
  • Our quenching conveyor equipment is supported from below or suspended from above on soft steel coil or rubber isolation springs to reduce the dynamic reaction to surrounding structures.
  • Optional counterbalanced design, combined with isolation springs, reduces the dynamic reaction by 98%.
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