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Food & Dairy

Food is a basic need, but in order to feed the world’s population food production and food processing needs to be done on a large scale as efficiently as possible. Carrier Vibrating Equipment has experience building equipment to solve processing issues within the food industry and our equipment is built to be reliable and low maintenance, easy to clean, and can be designed to be food safe and have clean in place attachments.

Whether needing to dry, cool, heat, toast, convey, elevate, screen, dewater, sort, feed, scalp, orient, or distribute, we have a solution just for you. Our equipment can gently convey or heavily vibrate food products, and is capable of handling dry, wet, sticky, oily, or dusty products.

Vibrating Fluid Bed Dryer Food Processing

Vibrating fluid bed dryers and coolers for evenly drying and cooling products in a plug flow with little product degradation or damage. These are commonly used for dairy and cheese powders, meat products, vegetables, nuts, beans, coffee, shredded cheeses, spices, sugars, and salts. A vibrating fluid bed dryer can also cook or toast bread crumbs and cereals.  

Food Processing Vibrating Conveyor

Sanitary conveyors and screeners are able to move food products with no damage. Conveyors can be equipped with Clean In Place nozzles and easy access panels to allow quick product changes and scheduled wash-downs. Units can be engineered and manufactured to meet USDA and FDA guidelines. Other processing can be performed on our conveyors, including cooling, sorting, screening, sorting, or distributing.  

Spiral Elevators are able to transfer products vertically without taking up a large footprint, and without product damage or degradation. Each spiral elevator for food products is custom designed for the individual application, and can be engineered to dry or cool products while being transferred, or can be enclosed to additional processing requirements can be met. They are built for easy cleanup and food safety. The lack of corners and sides ensures that the product moves evenly and in a plug flow motion.  

Tornesh Dryer

Tornesh & Flash Dryers are ideal for quickly drying products that are in a liquid slurry or fine powder, or ones that cannot have a long retention time within a heated environment.  

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