no bake shakeout
Carrier Vibrating

No-Bake & Flask Shakeouts

no-bakeCarrier non-conveying shakeouts efficiently shake out castings and reduce sand lump size.

These no-bake and flask shakeout machines utilize a vibratory motion to separate the sand from the castings, allowing sand to pass through a perforated deck. The large, non-conveying shakeout significantly reduces your foundry’s shakeout time and labor.

Features and benefits of Carrier no-bake and flask shakeout machines:

  • Equipment is built to handle up 100 ton loads.
  • Heavy duty components for long life and low maintenance.
  • Workable area of 14 feet by 14 feet in a single unit.
  • Drive system capable of handling upset conditions.
  • Multiple design configurations available, including low headroom.
  • Isolated design for low dynamic reactions.
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