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processing equipment

Carrier Vibrating Equipment, a trusted name in the industry, manufactures several types of processing equipment for a wide range of materials, including plastics and rubber. We are a leading manufacturer of heavy-duty equipment that can be customized to meet the specific needs of the rubber and plastic industry. We are committed to quality and innovation while minimizing environmental impact.

Plastic Processing Equipment and Rubber Processing Equipment

Carrier equipment processes pelletized plastics and rubber efficiently and economically, from drying to elevating to conveying materials. Let’s explore the different types of equipment in which Carrier specializes: 

Dryers – Industrial Drying Technologies for a Broad Range of Applications

Carrier’s dryers can effectively remove moisture from large volumes of various materials. With a range of dryers available, we collaborate with you to engineer the machinery as per the type and bulk of material you need to dry. 

For instance, here are some parameters that will help you obtain an ideal dryer for your application: 

  • Production temperature and methods
  • Drying criteria
  • Material fragility
  • Space and energy availability
  • Initial and operational costs

Vibrating Spiral Elevators – Elevate Materials While Conveying, Drying, Heating, or Cooling

Carrier’s vibrating spiral elevators are perfect when you need to elevate materials efficiently within a compact footprint. With elevation, they can also dry, cool, heat, or condition various rubber objects or plastic pellets.

Optional upgrades, such as heat transfer, jacketed flights, and custom construction materials, ensure maximum profitability.

Key Benefits: 

  • Elimination of over-stroke with direct drive motor
  • Processing with reduced energy use and minimal space footprint
  • Prevention of product damage due to gentle elevation
  • Multifunctioning with jacketed flights
  • High-temperature design with Plasma/Teflon coating for handling sticky products

Vibrating Feeders – Efficient Movement of Bulk Materials

Carrier’s vibrating feeders offer an efficient means of controlling feed rate while conveying bulk materials. They are customizable to meet your unique process requirements, and various drive systems are available, including tuned, two-mass, natural frequency, and brute force direct drive systems.

Following are the benefits of Carrier’s feeders that make them perfect for the rubber and plastics industry: 

  • Efficient conveying using a direct drive system
  • Reliable functioning with natural frequency drive system
  • Fixed or custom feed rates
  • Handling of heavy headloads using large-volume feeders
  • Various discharge designs with removable dust-tight covers

Vibrating Conveyors – Economical Conveying of Powders and Bulk Solids

Carrier’s vibrating conveyors provide an efficient and economical method of gently moving bulk solids from light and fragile to heavy and abrasive materials. These conveyors use a natural frequency design to keep them in constant motion, ensuring even distribution of drive forces when loaded.

Key Benefits: 

  • Different balancing types and easily replaceable liners
  • Reduced maintenance because of few moving parts
  • Prevention of wastage with leak-proof, monolithic troughs
  • Long life with natural frequency design
  • Quiet operation, low operational costs, energy efficient

Carrier Vibrating Equipment – a Reliable Name for Processing Equipment

We provide top-notch industrial equipment and prioritize quality and innovation through our advanced CPEG test lab. Our lab replicates scaled operations, ensuring efficient processing and thorough material analysis for your specific needs. Plus, we back our equipment with a process warranty based on lab data, demonstrating our confidence in its quality and precision.

Key benefits of our lab include new design research, small-scale simulations with multistep testing, confidentiality, on-site visits, and detailed test records.

Choose Carrier Vibrating Equipment for eco-friendly, high-quality plastics and rubber processing equipment that offers reduced energy consumption, low maintenance, and long operational life.

Contact us today to discover the ideal solution for your industrial processing requirements.

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