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Lithium-Ion Battery Material Processing and Recycling  

Carrier Vibrating Equipment for Midstream Processing and Recycling Lithium Battery Materials

The lithium-ion industry is rapidly growing, driven by the demand for electric vehicles. As a leading thermal processing and solids handling solutions provider, Carrier Vibrating Equipment offers custom-engineered equipment and systems designed specifically for the unique process requirements of the lithium-ion battery industry. 

From versatile drying technologies to reliable vibrating equipment, our solutions are engineered to ensure efficient cathode and anode materials processing during the midstream processing step. Purifying, converting, and refining these materials in process operations are vital in determining the quality, safety, and performance of the final lithium-ion battery as it moves downstream for packing.

Vibrating Fluid Bed Dryers

fluid bed dryer

Vibrating fluid bed dryers are engineered to minimize energy consumption and maximize throughput. These highly efficient dryers are the ideal solution for dehydrating lithium and other metal compounds used in the cathode component of batteries. Fluidization, with the aid of vibration, ensures intimate contact between the solids and process air, making fluid bed dryers more energy-efficient than other drying technologies. Vibrating fluid bed dryers can accommodate a wide range of particle sizes and types, including temperature-sensitive and fragile solids. Cooling can be accomplished on the same machine by zoning the air plenum. This versatility ensures consistent and efficient operation, making vibrating fluid bed dryers a valuable choice for processing and recycling lithium-ion battery materials.

Flash Dryers

Flash Dryer

Conventional flash dryers and tornesh flash dryers deliver an inexpensive method of drying fine or granular materials, such as graphite, used in the anode component of batteries. Wet solids are fed into a hot air stream to dry as they are pneumatically conveyed to a dust collector efficiently. Deagglomeration equipment, such as a cage mill or mechanical slinger, can be integrated into the design to optimize particle size and increase thermal efficiency. High temperatures can be utilized to reduce equipment size and increase capacity. Our unique tornesh design extends the residence time of the solids in the hot airstream by imparting a spin on the air, allowing for lower discharge moisture levels to be achieved. Carrier conventional and tornesh flash dryers are ideal for battery material drying.  

Vibrating Screeners, Feeders and Conveyors

vibrating spiral conveyor

Our high-performance vibrating screeners, feeders, and conveyors separate recycled batteries and streamline the transportation of cathode and anode battery materials. Our solids processing equipment can dewater liquids from crushed batteries, separate battery casings, or precisely meter or convey solids into battery-making equipment. Jacketed pans can be utilized on conveyors to heat or cool solids while they are transported, adding to their functionality. These versatile machines offer robust construction and customizable design options for specific lithium-ion processing requirements.  

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