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Foundry Equipment

Revolutionize Your Foundry Operations with Carrier Vibrating Equipment’s Custom Solutions

Carrier Vibrating Equipment has decades of experience custom designing foundry equipment to help solve issues in the foundry industry. Every step of the foundry operation can rely on our heavy-duty equipment to increase casting quality and efficiency, which reduces overall costs.

Foundry Heavy Duty Feeder

Heavy-Duty and Furnace Charge Feeders

Heavy-duty feeders are designed to maintain stroke under extreme loads, and furnace charge feeders are uniquely designed for your cupola or furnace.  Carrier’s feeders deliver an exact flow, ensuring efficiency and safety.

Foundry mold dump conveyor


Conveyors are used for moving and sorting scrap, and mold dumps and cooling conveyors are used to remove sand from hot castings and let them cool evenly for the required retention time.  Carrier conveyors are also used for moving and cooling used mold sand to be cleaned and reused.

Foundry Shakeout

Shakeouts & Barrel Horses

Shakeouts and barrel horses remove sand from hot castings without damaging them, reduce maintenance and operation costs, and maximize sand removal to lessen the work further down the line.  

Attrition Mill

Attrition Mills

Attrition mills are used to break down lumps from green sand or No-Bake sand molds and prepare them for reuse or recycling.  

Carrier’s foundry equipment can utilize our patented Delta-Phase Drive®, which provides the ultimate process control for your castings’ conveying speed and retention time.  

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