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Many important materials for modern life are mined out of the ground, and need a wide variety of different processing methods to prepare them for final use.  Carrier Vibrating Equipment has developed heavy duty equipment specifically for this industry. Reliability and durability are essential when using mining equipment, and Carrier ensures this is what our customers have.  

Heavy Duty Vibrating Conveyor for Mining

Heavy-duty vibrating conveyors and feeders are suitable for handling unload and transfers without being disturbed by upset conditions and uneven loads.    

Vibrating Grizzly Feeder

Aggregate and Grizzly screeners can be designed to screen for multiple sized particles without becoming clogged.  Wear liners ensure that the machine is not permanently damaged by the transfer of heavy and rough materials.  

Tornesh Dryer

Tornesh and flash dryers are ideal for pre-drying fine or slurry materials quickly and without product degradation or waste.  

Fluid Bed Dryer for Mining

Fluid bed dryers are able to provide dry, finished goods at specifically required moisture levels.  They work on a plug flow process and every particle is dried evenly due to the fluidization of the drying air flow.    

Fluid Bed Dryer for Coal

Carrier’s custom designed vibrating fluid bed dryers are capable of being used with Anthracite, Bituminous, Subbituminous, and Lignite coals, using vibration to increase fluidization and convey larger particles, even if they are sticky or dusty. For finely crushed coal, conventional static fluid bed dryers are designed with with in-bed heat exchangers to dry the product thoroughly.  

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