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Technical Drawings

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Delivering on design accuracy.

The development of efficient and reliable processing equipment requires the successful collaboration of engineers and drafters. Carrier Vibrating Equipment is driven to provide unmatched levels of service and support to our customers, delivering the vibratory, conveying, and foundry equipment that meets your needs and application.


Processing, Conveying and Foundry Equipment Design and Drawings

Our engineering and drafting design teams work closely together to assure that any potential interferences are identified, producing work with the utmost accuracy and thereby virtually eliminating the possibility of layout problems in production. After the design is complete, they work closely with manufacturing to keep projects running smoothly, helping to ensure that we meet or exceed delivery schedules.

Carrier’s expert drafters are skilled in computer-aided design (CAD) as well as 3D modeling. Regardless of the complexity or the scope of the drawings our clients require, our design teams deliver.

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