Barrel horse shakeout machine
Carrier Vibrating


Carrier Shakeouts improve foundry profitability by reducing maintenance costs, eliminating or reducing casting damage, and maximizing sand removal.

Shakeouts can be used for sand to metal ratios as low as 5:1 and as high as 60:1. The provided controls accommodate an unlimited number of recipes for diverse casting production. The Delta-Phase® Shakeout allows the operator to manage the conveying speed and retention time of castings on the shakeout deck — optimizing sand removal.

For more details on shakeouts and lump breakers, please visit their individual product pages, or read more on our custom design capabilities.

Shakeouts Offered by Carrier Include:

Delta Phase® Shakeout

Barrel Horse™ Shakeout

No Bake & Flask Shakeout

Attrition Mill / Lump Breaker

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