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foundry equipment

Foundry equipment comprises heavy machinery and supplies for working with hot molten metal, casting it into desired shapes, and facilitating molding and core making.

The foundry equipment market is growing and is expected to reach US $9.8 billion by 2028. Factors fueling its growth include EV and lightweight vehicle demand, rising per capita income, fast infra development, and strict emission standards.

If you own a foundry or work in one, you must be aware of the unique challenges the industry faces and the importance of efficient metal casting equipment to remain competitive.

Read further about how Carrier Vibrating can help you with ideal foundry equipment for the best results and quality.

Carrier Vibrating Foundry Equipment


Carrier’s foundry conveyors are economical and efficient while providing several benefits for foundry processes. They include mold dump and casting transfer with adaptive drive systems and thermal resistance. They efficiently cool castings and come with noise containment hoods. Customizable for sorting and despruing, they ensure safe operations with noise abatement liners and multiple finishing line capabilities.

When you need to convey materials vertically due to limited floor space while performing multiple processes, Carrier’s vibrating spiral elevators are the perfect fit. These machines offer easy installation, minimal upkeep, and convey a wide range of materials without damage.

Shakeouts and Lump Breakers

Carrier’s shakeouts enhance foundry profitability by reducing maintenance costs, minimizing damage, and improving sand removal. They are good for sand-to-metal ratios up to 60:1. Their Delta-Phase® design prevents damage and allows simultaneous loading while eliminating overstroke that causes maintenance bottlenecks. Additionally, the natural frequency design offers adaptability and energy efficiency.

The no-bake shakeouts handle heavy materials up to 100 tons and can be custom-built for workspaces as large as 14 by 14 ft. With multiple design customizations, these shakeouts come with heavy-duty components for long operational life.

Carrier’s Barrel Horse™ shakeout offers a one-step solution for casting damage and sand mixing issues. Its unique action allows castings to blend with sand continuously, reducing lumps and returning homogenous sand for reuse. Key features include

  • Efficient inclined material movement
  • Gentle cleaning of castings
  • Enhanced heat transfer
  • Superior lump reduction and quality preservation
  • Minimal support requirements

Carrier’s lump breakers, also called attrition mills, use attrition and screening technologies to break down sand lumps, core butts, or green sand in a single unit. They reduce lumps to grain size and remove tramp metal while lowering LOI in chemically bonded sand. Features include

  • Replaceable wear liners
  • Low noise
  • Automatic discharge gate
  • Isolated-base design
  • Heated lower deck
  • Direct drive system
  • Easy installation, low maintenance, and minimal downtime


Carrier’s feeders offer efficient bulk material conveying and feed rate control. Custom heavy-duty designs enhance efficiency and reduce downtime. These machines maintain stroke under extreme loads, ensuring a consistent flow for safety and efficiency.

Features include

  • Polished or coated troughs
  • High-temperature design
  • Scalping and screening decks
  • Removable dust-tight covers

The furnace feeders come with trolley indexing and weigh cells for precise control. Their isolated design minimizes reactions.

Sand Coolers

Carrier’s vibrating sand coolers effectively cool hot sand for mulling in foundry applications. They feature patented fluidizing drilled decks to prevent hole pluggage while the special hood design minimizes dusting for uniform exhaust velocities. This process ensures consistent sand temperature and moisture content, with maximum thermal efficiency and minimal maintenance. We also customize the coolers for any capacity with the required controls to meet your specific needs.

Streamline Your Foundry With Carrier Equipment

With more than 7 decades of experience and expertise, Carrier Vibrating is the one-stop shop for all your foundry equipment solutions.

We can solve any foundry issues you have with our skilled engineers and a state-of-the-art test lab. Moreover, our research team is dedicated to finding new processes to enhance your casting quality.

Connect with us today to optimize your foundry operations or learn more about our extensive range of equipment.

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