Fiberglass Processing in Fluid Bed
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Fiberglass Processing in a Fluid Bed Dryer

Fiberglass Processing in Fluid Bed

Fiberglass is light, strong, can be formed into practically any shape and is a good insulator, which is why it is used in so many different applications. Fiberglass composites are being used in the automobile industry to bring down weight and increase fuel economy in cars. The growing industries of wind turbine blades and aerospace create unique opportunities for fiberglass to be used. More traditional sectors such as the building and construction industries have used fiberglass for everything from the insulation between walls to the windows and doors to custom fabricated parts to the tools used in the construction. It makes sense that as these industries experience growth the fiberglass market is expanding rapidly.

Fiberglass is created when glass is melted with other minerals depending on the final use of the product, and then this molten glass is quickly extruded through small holes, with compressed air helping to spin the molten glass into thin thread filaments.  These filaments are then coated in chemicals or resins to reinforce or protect the fibers, and sometimes a resin that will be used to bind the filaments together into a chopped strand mat.

Carrier Vibrating Equipment has over 65 years of experience working with every major chop strand fiberglass manufacturer to perfect our fluid bed drying system for drying, curing, and cooling fiberglass products.  

Our vibrating fluid beds are custom-designed for fiberglass processing and drying by utilizing a multi-zone approach. This allows for a single piece of our equipment to contain three stages of processing. Our patented Delta Phase technology allows you to have precise control over the time the chop strand fiberglass stays within the curing zone, and can be changed immediately during the process without the need for tools, labor, or stopped production. If you are running a single binder or many different ones this unique process gives you electronic, on-the-fly adjustment to the curing process, ensuring optimal results and quality.

Want to increase the quality and efficiency of your fiberglass processing line? Contact a Carrier engineer today to learn about our custom fiberglass solutions.

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