efficiency saves money
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Efficiency Saves Money In The Drying Process

efficiency saves money

One of the biggest concerns that a processor has to think about when drying their product is efficiency.

This is because if the cost of drying is too high it can significantly cut into revenue and increase operation costs, and if the drying process is inefficient it can lower the output of the product entering the rest of the downstream process. Drying is where the bulk of the energy use goes, and where line back-ups tend to occur first.  

This issue of efficiency becomes even more important if you are trying to dry a product in an area with Permit By Rule air quality regulations, which limits the number of emissions from heat sources. To be able to meet Permit by Rule requirements, you’ll have to either increase efficiency or lower product output.

Using vibrating fluid bed dryers due to their high levels of efficiency is very common, and Carrier Vibrating’s engineers are experts at making sure our customer’s dryers are as efficient as possible. The typical vibrating fluid bed dryer uses around 30% less fuel to dry a product than other drying methods, which also means that output can be increased if the fuel use matches what other drying methods would use. Additionally, the vibrating fluid bed systems can be designed and engineered to include re-circulation of the hot air, further increasing efficiency by lowering the amount of air that needs to be completely heated.

Carrier Vibrating’s vibrating fluid beds are engineered and built using techniques developed over the almost 70 years we’ve been building them for processing customers, techniques that allow our machines to use hotter air temperatures than other designs. Hotter temperature air being used to heat the product in the vibrating fluid bed means that less overall air and drying time is needed to dry the product to the desired humidity. Less overall air and time required means that there is less space needed for drying, and the machinery can be smaller and cost less as an upfront expense.  

Contact one of our team members today to learn more about how the efficiency of a Carrier vibrating fluid bed dryer can help save you money and increase your production output.

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