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McConway & Torley updates operations with new Delta-Phase® Shakeout

McConway & Torley had a plethora of issues with its shakeout operation, which revolved around two older, two-mass natural-frequency shakeouts. McConway & Torley were investing a lot of money and time to replace specific parts of their old shakeouts that resulted in lost of production time. Thus, resulting in the operation to replace their current shakeout machines.


  • Delta-Phase® Shakeout

Overview / Challenge

  • Update (modernize) the shakeout operation
  • Improve the molding of the flasks
  • Improve productivity in bulk sand removal


The managers at McConway & Torley realized they needed to replace the out-of-date shakeout machines with a more modern and efficient shakeout system. Randy Schudalla, plant manager, sought a quote for a new shakeout system from Carrier Vibrating Equipment. Carrier’s foundry sales manager, Chuck Mitchell proposed a solution that offered mechanical and process advantages: the patented Delta-Phase® shakeout.

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