Carrier Vibrating

Foundry Updates Operation With New Equipment


J.C. Steele was updating their molding process from jolt/squeeze to an automatic mold machine, producing harder sand and more compact molds. Their current equipment, built by another manufacturer, was designed to scalp sand but did not create enough force to break up the harder sand.


  • Delta-Phase® Shakeout
  • Mold Dump Conveyor
  • Scalping Conveyor

Overview / Challenge

  • Update (modernize) the molding process
  • Reduce casting damage
  • Eliminate workflow disruptions & downtime


The solution was executed in two steps. First, Carrier recommended installing a vibrating mold dump conveyor feeding directly to a blank deck shakeout at the start of the line to perform an initial lump breakdown without damaging castings. The next step addressed the quality of the castings and minimized the amount of sand flowing downstream. This was accomplished by adding another conveyor and Carrier’s patented Delta-Phase® shakeout.

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