Used Equipment

Vibrating Sand Coolers

Carrier offers the following services to help extend your investment of used vibratory equipment.

We also offer customers a full line of new and custom designed foundry and vibratory machinery, designed to meet your needs and application.

Onsite Services

We offer our services to recondition used Carrier vibratory equipment or competitive equipment for a fixed fee. The fee covers the services of a Field Service Technician for onsite inspection of the used vibratory equipment. Upon completion, a formal Trip Report will be furnished outlining findings and recommendations as required. Please contact our Service Manager at for current rates and policies.

Used Equipment

Carrier is not a supplier of used equipment. However, on occasion, we will acquire used equipment.

To see if any of the following equipment is suitable for your application, contact our Aftermarket Department. Modifications or retrofit of the used equipment can be quoted as an option.

Equipment Type Description Selling Price

(US Dollars)

Burner Maxon burner, Model 43478-3150 NFPA-FM, rated at 5,600 SCFM. $4,000.00
Cyclone Fisher-Klosterman, Model XQ-465-44 cyclone rated at 25,000 ACFM with scroll outlet and dust receiver. $8,000.00
Cyclone Dual cyclone, Model HE-2 Size 24HE, rated at 22,000 ACFM with rotary airlocks. $5,000.00
Fan New York Blower fan, Model THCCW, Size 364-ST, rated for 22,500 CFM, complete with inlet box, damper, channel base, and 100 HP motor. $5,000.00
Fan New York Blower fan, 45º up CCW, ACF-PLP, Class IV, 33PLR, rated for 25,000 CFM, complete with outlet damper, electrical actuator, channel base, and 100 HP motor. $5,000.00
Fan Northern fan, CW Up Blast, #5020, Size 2700 with bi-wheels.  Note:  No mounting base, motor, or guard. $1,000.00
Fan New York Blower fan, CCW, Up Blast, #338III with vane inlet damper, channel base, and 50 HP motor. $2,000.00
Spiral Elevator Processor Carrier spiral elevator processor, Model TMSP-72/30-12 gauge (316 s/s)-8′-0″-(2) 5 HP, with 72″ diameter centertube, 8 foot lift, and two 5 HP motors. $20,000.00
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