Carrier Vibrating

Averting Powder & Bulk Solids Processing and Handling issues.

Powder and bulk solids processing and handling are essential components of almost every industry worldwide. From the clothes we wear, the products used to build our vehicles, the coffee and food we consume to the materials used to build our homes, processing and handling bulk solids affects the genetic code of just about everything that keeps the world moving.

No matter the classification, no two bulk solids are the same, presenting just one of many challenges when it comes to process operations. Other issues such as poor material flow, segregation, or particle degradation compound the challenge. When thorough lab testing is not considered before equipment selection, process engineers may be faced with a losing battle.

Key Considerations

  • Resources & Capabilities
  • Material Characteristics
  • Equipment & Application
  • Equipment Design
  • Lab Testing

Partnering with a company that combines experience in equipment design, engineering, and manufacturing and has the capability to test multiple process steps in a scaled, real-world environment increases the odds of overcoming potential processing challenges. CPEG provides the following – all under one roof:

  • Comprehensive line of process equipment
  • 500+ years of combined experience in equipment design, engineering and manufacturing
  • Extensive line of test equipment to simulate scaled field operation with multiple pieces of equipment for multistep and multistage testing needs
  • Full analysis of material characteristics and measurements of material behavior in specific processing applications
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