Comparing Industrial Drying Equipment
Drying is one of the most performed industrial processes, and people have been drying materials since fire was discovered.  Since
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Nylon Processing
Changing The World With Nylon
It’s no secret that plastic is a revolutionary material that enables modern life as we know it, and is used
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Industrial Coffee Bean Processing
Starting Your Morning With Coffee Bean Processing
Who doesn’t love to start their day with a steaming hot cup of coffee?  With Americans consuming over 400 million
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Car Shred Recycling Equipment
Recycling Cars Once The Road Trips Are Done
Summer is a time of cookouts and vacations and soaking up the sun, but it is also the prime time
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Carrier Vibrating Equipment Wood Processing
The Many Daily Uses of Wood and Cellulose
  Wood is one of the most used materials in the world, with a history of use going back to
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Industrial Lime Drying
Industrial Lime Makes Everything Better
One of the qualities of Kentucky water that makes it so perfect for producing our world-famous Bourbon is the limestone
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Replacement Springs Vibrating Equipment
Maintaining the Springs of Vibratory Processing Equipment
Vibrating equipment is the workhorse of most processing facilities where it can be used to dry, cool, sort, screen, feed,
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Industrial Hemp Drying Carrier Vibrating
The New Growth Of Industrial Hemp
As a company whose history and current location are in Kentucky, we pay close attention to the economic changes happening
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Natural Rubber Processing Equipment
How The World Still Uses Natural Rubber
It’s hard, almost impossible, to imagine a world without rubber since it is the one material that allows so much
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Cast Iron Foundry Equipment
Not Just One, There’s Many Types Of Cast Iron
Iron is used in pretty much every aspect of our lives, and cast iron has had a massive impact on
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Hidden Uses of Boric Acid
The Hidden Uses of Boric Acid In Your Daily Life
It’s not a surprise that chemicals are an important part of our lives, but it may be surprising to learn
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Conveyor Belt Fires
Conveyor Belt Fires Create A Safety Hazard In Industry
Every industry has the need to move a material from one area to another, which means conveyors can be found
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Rubber Processing Equipment
Changing The World With Synthetic Rubber Processing Equipment
About seventy percent of the rubber used in the world today is a synthetically created rubber, as opposed to natural
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Sugar Processing Equipment
Extracting the Sucrose Through Sugar Processing
According to the USDA, over 185 million tons of sugar were processed worldwide in 2017, which is a record level
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Return on Investment of Manufacturing Equipment
Return On Investment of New Manufacturing Equipment
Purchasing new manufacturing equipment can be a huge capital expense and a tough decision to make, but there are ways
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Sand Drying Equipment
Sand Drying Equipment Faces Unique Issues
Sand being one of the most important materials for our modern world may seem surprising, but sand is the second
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Vibrating Grizzly Feeder
Mining The Power Of A Bear Claw In A Heavy Duty Grizzly Feeder
Mining is a tough business, which is why the equipment needs to be tough too.   Day after day the robust
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Balancing Types square
Reducing Vibration Transfer Through Balancing and Isolation
In the vibratory equipment industry there is a constant dedication to research and development to improve old processes and develop
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Fluid Bed Fluidization like Quicksand
Fluidization Creates Both Quicksand and Fluid Bed Processing
Quicksand may not be the prevalent concern that cartoons and movies made it out to seem, but it does help
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Laser for 3D metal powder printing
Using Dried Metal Powder for 3D Printing
3D printing is a modern technology that is quickly changing the world and how the items we use every day
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Why Perform Agglomeration
Why Perform Agglomeration
When many materials are dried and processed they become a fine powder or are small irregular shapes, which causes them
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Vibrating Spiral Elevator Processing
Vibrating Spiral Elevators Move and Process In A Small Footprint
When manufacturing plants need to transport and process a product, they often have to rely on a conveyor, and whether
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Biomass Wood Pellets
Energy From Scrap With Biomass Wood Pellets
There is always a search for a new source of fuel, and biomass wood pellets have been growing in popularity
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Tornesh Industrial Flash Dryer Tornado
Combining The Power Of A Tornado With Industrial Flash Dryers
When a bulk powder material needs to be instantly dried there are a wide range of industrial flash dryer options,
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Potash Processing and Drying
Gaining The Benefits Of Potassium Through Potash Processing
What is Potash When potassium is found in the form of a water soluble salt, it is known as potash,
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Fireworks are made of dried chemicals
The Dried Chemicals That Let You Celebrate With Fireworks
As Americans celebrate Independence day this July 4th, the explosive tradition of fireworks will brighten the night skies. It’s estimated
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Limestone drying and mining
From Rock To Useful Material With Limestone Drying
It might be hard to believe how much a rock can be used in daily life, but limestone is found
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Carrier Vibrating deck patterns screens for processing drying cooling screening dewatering
Custom Deck Patterns For Custom Requirements
Each of our customers has a unique issue they need solved when they come to Carrier Vibrating Equipment.  Luckily for
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Carrier Vibrating Bin Dischargers to Prevent Storage Silo Flow Issues
Keeping Storage Silos Flowing With Vibrating Bin Dischargers
  Storage silos are used in almost every industry to store materials safely until they are needed for use, but
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Coal Drying for Increased Efficiency
Different Types of Coal Need Different Coal Drying Methods
Millions of years ago much of the earth was covered in dense wetland forests, and over many years these plants
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Foundry Casting Defects and Failure Prevention
Reducing The Rate Of Casting Defects In the Foundry Line
Foundry castings are an essential part of daily life, and with over 90 percent of all manufactured items using a
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Cement drying
The World Is Built Thanks To Cement Processing
With 2 billion tons being produced throughout the world each year, cement is the most widely used material in the
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Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement
Paving The Future With Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement
It’s often a struggle to actually recycle everything that can be recycled- for instance over 90% of all plastic goes
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Drying Paint Pigments
Drying Pigments For Paint To Keep Colors Bright
Spring weather means people are cleaning and refreshing their homes, often using a fresh coat of paint to add new
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Fiberglass Processing in Fluid Bed
Fiberglass Processing in a Fluid Bed Dryer
Fiberglass is light, strong, can be formed into practically any shape, and is a good insulator, which is why it
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Breadcrumbs Drying in Vibrating Fluid Bed
Vibrating Fluid Bed Dryers For The Perfect Breadcrumb
Breadcrumbs tend to be an overlooked and undervalued food product, but they are used extensively in food production to add
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Plastic Pellet Drying Requirements
The Importance of Following Plastic Drying Requirements
If there is one material that has made the biggest impact in the world and people’s everyday lives, it would
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efficiency saves money
Efficiency Saves Money In The Drying Process
  One of the biggest concerns that a processor has to think about when drying their product is efficiency. This
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Sanitary Vibrating Conveyor
Food Production Sanitation Issues Solved By Vibrating Conveyors
  Food producers have a wide range of concerns about the food products travelling along the production line. They want
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Recycling Industries
Five Reasons the Recycling Industry Is Still Worthwhile
The end of 2017 saw major changes in the global recycling industry, such as China refusing to accept recyclable paper
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Fluid Bed Dryer Cutout PBS2
Case Study: Vibrating Fluid Bed Dryer/Cooler Worth Its Salt
  As Published in Powder & Bulk Solids Recently, an international salt distribution company approached Carrier Vibrating Equipment Inc.’s engineering
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